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Sense - 'The Secret' Sense - 'The Secret'

We ran ‘The Secret’ as part of a 2 day residential for the Young Sense weekend. The young people had differing spectrums of deaf blindness and we were able to offer a more multi sensory version of this workshop…

  • Really nice to see such a mixed group of people chatting with one another and
        making new friends.’
  • 'I thought that the music enabled individuals to try / experiment with new and
        interesting instruments;
        even if that was just to feel vibrations etc. The drama brought out the young
        peoples personalities and encouraged them to interact positively.'
  • 'I had a fabulous time and met some lovely young people.'
  • 'The workshops - I feel they really encouraged everyone to work together and to
        feel a part of something special. The group was very diverse but everyone was welcomed with open arms.'
  • 'Was a wonderful group and a brilliantly inclusive weekend. I feel privileged to have been involved.'
  • 'Fantastic weekend!'

Hackney People First Hackney People First

We created 2 films with the self advocacy group based in Hackney. The first film explored the different forms of advocacy and is used to enable other people with a learning disability in Hackney to understand the services available to them. The second film is a training DVD for the self advocates to be able to train young people in local secondary schools about learning disability with the aim of challenging hate crime.

Hammersmith and Fulham Mencap Hammersmith and Fulham Mencap

We ran the speak up workshops here for a group of self advocates representing partnership board as reps. The group are now a lot more confident in speaking up for themselves at these meetings.

Contact a Family - Forum Theatre Contact a Family - Forum Theatre

Advocreate worked with Contact a Family to create 3 forum theatre scenes as part of a carers raising awareness day in Lewisham for other carers and professionals. Watch how they did and how the audience were able to jump in and change the action.

Westminster Council, 'The Key to My Door'' - Film and brochure

Westminster Council, 'The Key to My Door'' - Film and brochure

Advocreate worked with Housing Partnerships at Westminster Council to produce an accessible information DVD and accompanying brochure that will enable all people with a learning disability to understand their housing options. We worked with an animator to develop moments of animated action to bring the information to life. You can download the brochure here and watch the below two video clips.

Clip 1 | Clip 2

"Westminster Learning Disability partnership commissioned Advocreate to produce an accessible interactive DVD on Housing and Support for people with a learning disability, families and carers and professionals. The production team were great, the DVD and brochure was excellent!"

Cindy Fletcher, Learning Disabilities Accommodation Manager, Westminster Council.

Contact a Family - Not a Care, Speak Up, Forum TheatreContact a Family - Not a Care, Speak Up, Forum Theatre

"How to let go and enjoy every situation"

"Developing creativity in a fun way. Meeting other parents. Good way of looking outside the box!"

"Yes, it was fun. Relaxed. Help. Meet people."

"It made me laugh again and be myself"

"Helped me by taking time out"

"Learned a great deal about perceptions and how we present as a result of our perceptions, experiences etc."

"Fantastic course"

"It was a useful meeting because of the information it provided"

"It has helped in a way of communication"

"It was informative and fun"

"Very useful to think about how we listen and get a lot out of any situation by active listening"

"Helped to look at how we communicate and the effect of our non-verbal communication on the audience"

"Talk about different ways of expressing yourself"

"Helped me to know how I can relax or listen more"

Central School of Speech and Drama – Train the Drama TrainerCentral School of Speech and Drama – Train the Drama Trainer

For 3 years, Advocreate and Access all Areas have worked with BA and MA Applied Theatre students at the Central School of Speech and Drama on how to create workshops and projects for young people and adults with learning disabilities.

'Working with Access all Areas has been a steep learning curve for our BA and MA students as the students are enabled to learn drama facilitation skills for adults with learning disabilities from the very client group that they hope to teach themselves in the future. It is a very empowering experience for all involved which is why year after year we ask them to come back!'

Selina Busby – Senior Lecturer, Central School of Speech and Drama

Aim Higher/ Full on Mag – My life on Film

Advocreate worked in conjunction with Aim Higher and Full on Mag ( to create an information DVD about young people's perceptions about going to University. Working with young people from a school in Hackney, we tracked their first journey to a university to begin to break down the barriers that exist for some young people and university life.

Camden Carers – Train the group facilitator Trainer

At Camden Carers, we delivered 2 training days on facilitation skills for carers to run peer facilitation for other carers groups around Camden. The group explored different learning styles, how to develop a session plan and a range of communication strategies for delivering their own group sessions.

Daylight Day Centre – Fun in a DayDaylight Day Centre

The day centre were creating a film called 'Daylight superheros' and Advocreate created a workshop with Access All Area's assistant workshop leader, Yvonne Swift around superheros and what kind of super power you would have.

Lewisham Speaking up- Have your SayLewisham Speaking up- Have your Say
Thinking Outside of the Box

Advocreate worked with Lewisham Speaking Up on their People's Parliament's theme of Individual Budgets. Working with 3 self advocates, over a few rehearsals, we devised a short performance to the parliament MPs and stakeholders exploring what it means to get an individual budget and how it works in principal. We then accompanied the performance with a workshop to all stakeholders.

Advocacy Partners - Explorers and Islanders

advocacy project

This was an all day event with a group of young people with learning disabilities looking at the themes of transition. Using a structured story, the actor- facilitators took the two different groups on a journey that explored the ideas of difference, change and how we communicate when meeting new people. The group designed their own island backdrop with their hopes and fears added to the palm trees. We devised a small performance at the end of the day to invited friends and family.
Watch a clip here!

Celbridge Advocacy Project - Confidence Close

advocacy project

Advocreate were invited to just outside Dublin, Ireland to take part in a 3 day project exploring communication skills and peer advocacy skills with their members. The second day worked with a group of people with a more moderate/ severe learning disability and we used a structured story about people living on a street where some members are too quiet and some are too loud. The participants had to find their own place on the street.

Camden carers - Not a care in the world

advocacy project

"The activities were very well thought out and intersting, as well as fun. Got the imagination going!"
"Having to imagine and actually show it through drama."
"Great day. Nick excellent."
"Very well organised and the facilitator was very friendly and good at stimulating our imagination. Great day!"

The Advocacy Project - 'My Life on Film'

advocacy project

The film, Action Against Bullying was written by and starred the Our Choice group from Westminter. A film about the different types of bullying that can happen to people with a learning disability and what you can do about it. The film is aimed at people who have a more severe learning disability.
Watch a clip here!

The Advocacy Project - 'In the Picture' advocacy

"I liked looking at the newspapers, liked the 3 main points with actions."
"I am better at making eye contact when I speak to people."
"I really achieved practising answering questions at a press conference."
"I thought they covered some quite complicated abstract concepts. I was amazed at how well most of the group dealt with this."

- Liz Atkinson, Our Choice group supporter.

Breast Cancer Care - 'Have your Say'

breast cancer care

A focus group of adults with learning disabilities looking at breast awareness, health inequality and accessible information. A report was produced by Advocreate after the interactive focus group that has been used to influence the redesign of the publication, Taking Good Care.

“Certainly, the workshop was a wonderful way of engaging the people we were trying to reach with the booklet, and the feedback we received is going to be very useful in redesigning the publication. The report is very easy to read, and I thought the use of photos and the text written by participants was good as it really captured the nature of the workshop.” 

- Miriam Light, Research and Evaluation Officer

Please download Breast Cancer Care Pdf
You will need adobe reader to view this file. Please download hereadoberreader

Elfrida Society - 'Forum Theatre' and 'Present to me'


“It has given me a lot of confidence and I can speak out a lot more now”
“Nick is a great trainer, thank you for the training from all.”

Elfrida Society - 'Speak Up!'

"The training was interesting and exciting' 'Nick was an excellent trainer"
"This training helps you to stand up for yourself. Role play about bullying was useful."
"I have become more assertive."
"The best things were yes and no bits and role play arguments.'
"We want more of it and longer!"

Barnet Carers - 'Not a Care in the World'barnet carers

"The part of my brain which I thought was dormant, is actually alive! I did enjoy it and it was fun."
"Help me to see and consider what I may achieve. Looking outside the box."
"Made me feel confident."
"Really enjoyed the exercises."
"The best things were taking part, being active and not just sitting still and listening."
"I felt really relaxed after the session."

Cardiff People First cardiff people

"Advocreate are brilliant! They truly appreciate the importance of self advocacy with people with learning disabilities and do it in such a creative and dynamic way. My group would not hesitate in working with them again and we all recommend them to any organisation that supports people with learning disabilities."

-Davida Hewlett, Young Peoples Co-ordinator

"We love working with Advocreate! They help us to speak up and we have so much fun. Nick is always happy, full of energy, and has so many good ideas. Working with him has helped the group to become much more confident.”

- Cardiff Young People First members Self- advocacy group for 14 - 25 year olds with a learning disability

Chelmsford MencapChelmsford Mencap

“Thank your for a great day”
“It was lots of fun, we really enjoyed it.”

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